Christopher Ashley
CA’s can teach technology empowerment

When I tell fellow geeks that I work in tech support, they tend to groan in ritual sympathy. Most of them have never actually done […]

‘Passion’ influence shouldn’t be inflated

It may be too soon to predict anything about next year’s Oscars — we just finished this year’s. But I feel safe guessing that Mel […]

Religious views challenge liberal values

The Dutch parliament’s lower house approved a measure on Tuesday that would forcibly expel some 26,000 rejected asylum-seekers from the country. This new policy reflects […]

State needs religious and secular efforts

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. During his talk at St. Thomas More on Tuesday, Jim Towney, director of […]

Dean no longer emphasizes our founding ideals

Back in June, John Edwards’ campaign bought some mailing list I’d gotten on, and sent me a letter asking me to be a lead volunteer […]

Schism compromises church’s global unity

In the past two weeks, one of the great engines of globalization has been sputtering badly, and almost nobody has noticed. The consecration of openly […]

FOX News spins opinion as truth

There is an ad for Fox News in some Metro-North cars, which reads: REAL JOURNALISM FAIR AND BALANCED FOX NEWS “America guarantees a free press […]

Let’s pray that Fred Phelps may find God’s love

I don’t think of Fred Phelps as a fellow Christian. Let me clarify. For my purposes here, a Christian means a follower of Jesus of […]