Christopher Ashley
Pope’s earthly mark: the call for solidarity

As the old Pope died, people’s memories of him began to flood the world’s public square. What struck me most about those memories was a […]

Songs for God, sung only for ourselves?

Last Tuesday, Jars of Clay released a studio LP called “Redemption Songs.” It’s a minor landmark: The brightest star of the ’90s mainstreaming of Christian […]

Better to be Dennis than the royal bully

The scene: Dennis the anarcho-syndicalist peasant sits wallowing in the mud. When King Arthur rides up, Dennis mocks and denies his legitimacy and all its […]

On faith and fastballs, a slew of mixed signals

The first thing I knew about Hillary Clinton, back in the innocent early ’90s, was that she was a huge Cubs fan. She’d grown up […]

When a sponge cartoon meets a spiritual crusade

Every couple of years, something else that evangelical Christians and the LGBT community have in common shows up on the national radar. It’s already a […]

Learning to stop worrying (and love GESO)

When you grow up as a professor’s kid, you learn a thing or two about the dark underbelly of the American university before you ever […]

In Holland, holy war from the secular side

Theo Van Gogh, dubbed “the Dutch Michael Moore” for his provocative films and gleefully offensive newspaper columns, was riding his bicycle down a busy Amsterdam […]

American idolatry: the worship of a president

Why, exactly, do we care so much who’s our president? Yes, the president has a lot of power for good or ill. When someone told […]

For too many, staying at Yale is a full-time job

Financial aid changed my family’s life completely. When my grandfather came back from the war, the GI Bill let him go to college. His father […]

Both sides in abortion debate miss issue

What’s really at issue with abortion is neither choice nor life. Everyone decent approves of both shibboleths in principle. The real question is, when would […]

‘Awesome God’ leads to linguistic bedfellows

If you were listening closely at this year’s Freshman Assembly, you may have heard three different people speaking at once during University Chaplain Jerry Streets’s […]