Yale’s brain trust: School of Medicine restores collection

Harvey Cushing, a member of the Yale College class of 1891, first removed a tumor from the brain of a blacksmith in 1919. Over the next 11 years, Cushing operated on this patient 10 more times, removing tumors weighing in total as much as an adult brain. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”6318″ ] These tumors, along with relics […]


Beware of BPA, study says

Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound commonly found in plastics, may have long-term effects on fetal development, according to an article published by Yale School of Medicine researchers last month in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. The results of the study come weeks after the Food and Drug Administration […]


CEO plugs green insulation

Having fungus in your walls is usually a cause for alarm. But Eben Bayer, CEO of Evocative Design, a firm that makes sustainable products, said in a speech Wednesday afternoon that mushroom-based insulation could offer a green alternative to synthetic foam. Bayer spoke in front of a crowd of about 40 in Kroon Hall as […]


Panel explores coal alternatives

While Appalachia is known for its coal mines, which produce approximately one third of the nation’s coal, the region must turn to new industries to survive as the supply of coal is depleted, a panel of experts said Tuesday in an event sponsored by the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. An audience of about […]


Bank construction begins

The First Community Bank planned for the corner of Whalley and Sherman avenues moved one step closer to opening after the New Haven City Plan Commission unanimously approved the bank’s site plan at a meeting last night. First Community Bank, a for-profit bank designed to promote economic development and serve residents in low- to moderate-income […]


Yale researchers discover the true colors of dinosaurs

While the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park were scaly, greenish-brown monsters, dinosaurs in real life may have looked more like flamboyantly feathered peacocks. A study by Yale researchers Jakob Vinther GRD ’11 and Richard Prum, which appeared in the journal Science earlier this month, has paved the way for the first true color images of a […]


Republican Senate long-shot talks economy

Unless the government repeals its bailout and stimulus plans, another recession or depression is inevitable, Connecticut U.S. Senatorial candidate Peter Schiff told an audience of 70 at the School of Management on Thursday. “As compared to other countries, we have a lot more rope with which to hang ourselves,” he said. “But eventually, we will […]


Yalies too good for first

As Yier Jin GRD ’12 and Nathan Kupp GRD ’12 found out in November, sometimes you can be too successful. The duo designed a computer chip that was so effective at detecting harmful programs called Trojans that none of their competitors dared attack the chip, faculty advisor Yiorgos Makris said. In the end, Jin and […]


Briefly: Sneezing girl improving, mother says

Lauren Johnson — the 12-year-old Virginia girl who came to Yale to be diagnosed for a condition that caused her to sneeze several thousand times a day — is sneezing less often after receiving antibiotics and other treatment for her condition, her mother said in an interview Thursday. Lynn Johnson said her daughter, who started […]


Curtains may close on opera project

If the Yale Baroque Opera Project does not find additional funding, the performances of “Le Tre Stagioni” last weekend and “La Finta Pazza” in the spring could be the program’s swan song. The YBOP, funded by a three-year, $1.5 million Distinguished Achievement Award that music professor Ellen Rosand received from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation […]


Protesters decry Afghan war

Armed with signs such as “No War for U.S. Empire” and “Welfare, not Warfare,” protesters with bullhorns flocked to the steps of the New Haven federal courthouse Wednesday evening to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan. In an attempt to draw more public attention to the war, the protesters, who ranged from college […]