Postcards from the edge of sports civilization

Dear Dean Loge and Master “T”: We all hope you are holding down the TD fort in New Haven. Sarah, Laura, Bryan, Jeohn and I are enjoying the hot weather in Florida. I think Sarah is a little surprised about coming to my hometown. I don’t think she was ready for the pickup trucks and […]

Women’s squash clings together

My friend Abby loves her away messages on AIM. Like most Yalies, she spends her time crafting the perfect message that oozes with sarcasm, humor, and wit. And like most Yalies, I spend my time reading people’s away messages, admiring their sarcasm, humor, and wit. But one day, as I was coasting through my buddies’ […]

At home with the Holsteins

I couldn’t wait for this past weekend. There were going to be famous celebrities, athletic showdowns, and of course, awesome commercials. The drinks were going to flow like the Allegheny River, and there would be enough food to feed the youth of North Korea. Thousands of fans all over the world would have their eyes […]

Aspirations for Olympic glory revisited on the slopes

I remember calling my mother last year and informing her that I wanted to major in Agrarian Studies. Being from Wisconsin, my parents had grown up in farm-like settings. They knew the tough life of the farmer, and as my mother told me, “We are not paying $40,000-a-year for you to learn about farming. You […]

Winter break at a poor man’s bowl game

I had survived a week of Hell: Five final exams in five days. People started calling me “Mr. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.” I needed to seek refuge in order to nurse the wounds of exam week, and who knew going to a two-bit college bowl game in Orlando, Florida would do the trick? On […]

Florida on my mind on such a winter’s day

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is look outside. Being from Florida, I pray for sunshine. I use this glance out the window as an opportunity to determine what to wear on my feet. I have two rules: 1) If it is snowing, I don’t wear sandals. 2) If […]

TD table tennis offers underworld of sports

During the day, the place is a wasteland of empty chairs and unoccupied couches. Only the humming of washing machines can be heard down the hallway. The red-and-brown brickwork, reminiscent of an old-fashioned fire station, contrasts with the recently cleaned black-and-white tile. The voices from the night before are only a memory, a time long […]

Where have all the tennis beauties gone?

It was the summer of ’98, a time of daydreams and childhood innocence, when I fell in love for the first time. Her legs stretched for miles as she glided across the court. She was a ballerina on grass and clay. She sported a Russian accent full of wit and sarcasm. Her hair was always […]

A high school diehard to the end

The call will come this Saturday before 11 am. Big Papa Hanson will be on the other line calling from home with the latest score. And hopefully, it will be another win for our 8-1 Lake Mary Rams over the Lake Brantley Patriots. If you’re not from Texas or Lake Mary, Fla., then you probably […]

Bleeding Dodger blue with Lasorda

I have realized my errant ways, and I am repenting. Pardon me Father for I have sinned. It has been 10 years since I last wore my Dodgers hat. How have I gone from baseball heretic to born again fan in less than 24 hours? Two words: Tommy Lasorda. Tuesday afternoon I decided to go […]

A solution to Augusta’s problems

Augusta National Golf Course, home of the Masters, does not allow women to become members of the all-male club. Female relatives and friends of male members can play on the golf course for the standard fee. But Martha Burk, president of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, smells a rat. The rat is Augusta Chairman […]