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The light at the end of the tunnel: The COVID-19 vaccine at Yale

In an email sent on March 10, 2020, University President Peter Salovey told all Yale students to remain home after spring recess through at least […]

Yale researchers find the signals essential for hair follicle formation

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found two signals that are essential and sufficient to a cell's differentiation into a dermal condensate.

Researchers find infrastructure inequality prevents sustainable urbanization

A joint study analyzed the presence of infrastructure inequalities determined by preferential bias and how such inequalities are exacerbated by urbanization.

Yale researchers find certain immune cell types are predictive of COVID-19 mortality

Yale researchers applied Multiscale PHATE, a tool which was developed at Yale, to immune cell samples and found that the abundance of certain cell types can predict COVID-19 patient mortality with 83 percent accuracy.

Yale researchers find collective activism can be a buffer for ecoanxiety and depression

A study conducted by faculty from Yale and Suffolk University found that climate change-related anxiety and depression could be combated by participating in collective action against climate change.

Yale professor explains high rates of metabolic disease in developing world

A Yale economics professor, Kaivan Munshi, uses the intersection of economics and biology to account for high rates of metabolic disease in the developing world. He found a threshold income rate at which metabolic disease prevalence rapidly increases.

Yale researchers investigate immune response in severe COVID-19 cases

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine use single-cell multi-omic technology to peer into the immune responses of patients suffering from severe COVID-19 symptoms.