Canada’s Wingman

Monday, October 9 is not a particularly exciting day for most of the Yale population. Yet for a small, but fun-loving subset, October 9 is […]

Silence at the wheel

Car rides with my dad feel like their own separate eternities.  My dad is a physicist. His thoughts of choice include: 1) Quantum 2) Nano […]

“No, but…”

I don’t know about you, but my first couple weeks at Yale have been underscored with a constant stream of “so this is my life now” moments. I’ve felt this way while walking down cross campus with my friends; I’ve also felt this way about wanting dinner at 4 p.m. (thank you Yale brunch schedule). But, as I stepped forth into a circle of prospective sketch-comedy members and began to “giddy-up,” my mind was populated only with existential ruminations.