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LETTER: Concerning “Professors debate free speech at Yale-NUS”

To the editor: The Oct. 22 article on academic freedom at Yale-NUS College reports comments from four Yale faculty members, none of whom have taught […]

BAILYN: Franklinia

One of the strange habits of professors is that whenever we embark on a new venture, the first thing we do is assemble a reading […]

BAILYN: At Yale-NUS, strengthening the liberal arts

Yale and Yale-NUS are both benefitting by the interactions between their faculties, and liberal arts education around the world will be the stronger for it.

BAILYN, DAVIS AND LEWIS: Rethinking liberal arts education

In 2009, two of us (Charles Bailyn and Deborah Davis) visited Singapore with a Yale delegation to join a conversation about creating a liberal arts […]

Bailyn: Yale-NUS will build our brand

A recent News editorial (“News’ View: Keep Yale out of Singapore,” Feb. 11), suggested that Yale’s proposed partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS) […]

Bailyn: In defense of the science requirement

This September marks my 42nd shopping period at Yale, and I’m beginning to see some patterns. There’s the ambitious freshman who wants to take seven-and-a-half […]

Turning around our dismal course evaluation system

Yale College rightly prides itself on having a research faculty that pays unusually close attention to undergraduate teaching. But there is a bizarre lapse in […]