Cassie Lignelli
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LIGNELLI: A gendered conversation

We need to frame our discourse on gun control differently. If we are to mitigate gun violence in the U.S., we need to stop constructing these false facades about the real impact of guns on women’s lives.

LIGNELLI: Pro-choice, anti-apology

As Planned Parenthood was under siege, I wanted my legislators to stick up for me and my bodily autonomy. I wanted every Democratic congressman on the news, at rallies, on the Senate floor passionately defending abortion as a woman’s right and a positive public good. What I got instead was a lot of conciliation.

LIGNELLI AND MALONE-SMOLLA: An inclusive Take Back the Night

We are working to create a Take Back the Night that is both inclusive and uplifting; we are striving to make space for a broad range of experiences and to focus on empowerment.