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Carter Dewees is a Lead Producer of "The Yalie". He is a first-year American Studies major and a member of Saybrook College.
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DEWEES: So Ted, what’s the verdict?

Though I’m sympathetic to the well-thought-out argument made a few weeks ago urging students to skip the Ted Cruz event, I decided to go. After […]

The Yalie Ep 12: All About Ukraine with Oleksii Antoniuk

In this episode of the Yalie, Georgiana Grinstaff and Nick Vilay sit down with YDN Guest Columnist Oleksii Antoniuk and discuss his experience as a […]

The Yalie Ep. 11: Ivy Madness

In episode 11 of The Yalie, host Carter Dewees previews Ivy Madness, the Ivy League’s postseason men’s and women’s basketball tournament, taking place this weekend in Boston.

A year since Swensen told money managers to diversify firms, Yale stays silent on progress

Amid leadership turnover at Yale’s Investments Office, it is unclear how much progress has been made towards Yale’s efforts to lead firms to diversify.

The Yalie Ep 8: Mishaps Occur as Yale Enacts Isolate-in-Place Policy

In episode 8 of the Yalie, Georgiana Grinstaff and Nick Vilay discuss with YDN Reporter Lucy Hodgman about the reality behind students’ experiences with isolation […]

Students project giant Mario Kart game onto Beinecke Library

On Feb. 11, the side of Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library was lit up with a giant game of Mario Kart which attracted over 60 students.

The Yalie Ep 7: How Yale’s Leave of Absence Policy Leaves Students Without a Choice

Tune in to Episode 7 of the Yalie, where hosts Dante Motley and Carter Dewees sit down with Serena Puang, the editor of the new […]

Inside the Yale College Council’s decades-long fight to expand Credit/D/Fail

The YCC continues to advocate for major reforms to Yale College’s Credit/D/Fail policy, despite years of administrative roadblocks and on the heels of recent success.

Administrators answer students’ COVID-19 questions at YCC town hall

In a webinar, Yale administrators took students’ questions on a variety of topics related to COVID-19. They repeatedly emphasized their “risk budget” used to make decisions.

The Yalie Ep6: Rhodes Scholars Galore

Tune in to episode 6 of The Yalie, where host Carter Dewees talks to the 4 Yale Rhodes Scholars of this year. Produced by Carter Dewees, […]

New book “A New Deal for Cancer: Lessons from a 50 Year War” launches on Zoom with expert speeches

Yale Law School’s Solomon Center held a virtual book launch, inviting several experts to weigh in on the past, present and future of cancer policy.