Carolyn Lipka
Mastering the portrait

In the Branford College dining hall, a portrait hanging on the back wall displays, with expressive brushstrokes, former Master Steven Smith clad in a suit […]

Bra auction raises money for cancer

Women left the Omni Hotel with a little more support today. Around 125 people made their way to the Omni on Sunday to bid on […]

Japanese artist presents music videos, flip books

Imagine seeing your face in the music video for your favorite band or holding a rainbow in your hands. Masashi Kawamura, founder and creative director […]

Blight talks Civil War, African-American authors

It is often said that history is written by the victors, but author David Blight ’54 is attempting to sift through the literature of the […]

2011 Vlock adds new house to New Haven block

Over 200 people gathered at 456 Orchard St. on Monday for the unveiling of the Architecture School’s 2011 Vlock Building Project. The Project is a […]

Architects discuss old forms, new functions

Monday night, Hastings Hall in the School of Architecture’s Rudolph Hall was filled to capacity with architecture buffs eager to listen to a panel lecture […]

YCC | Eric Eliasson ’14, treasurer

As current Freshman College Council chair and former FCC vice-chair, Eric Eliasson ’14 has been involved in student government and life for the past year […]

Lipka: Selling our public servants short

In Maine, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Ohio, public officials and employees are being crucified. Our government workers have faced pension changes, disrespect of their unions, […]

Lipka: Middle school vs. art school

Undergraduates have limited interaction with graduate students. My sole exposure to them, until recently, has been limited to TAs and occasional glimpses during meals in […]

American painter David Salle and students discuss art and interpretations

American painter David Salle visited the Yale School of Art on Monday night to talk to students about ’80s visual art, and the relationship between […]

Lipka: Fewer tests, more learning

Midterms and finals inspire some of the most depressing nights at Yale. Libraries are filled to the brim with panicking students, incredibly high levels of […]