Carolyn Kriss

Born in Northern Nigeria, where few girls are educated beyond elementary school, Hauwa Ibrahim defied convention and went to law school. Now she is one […]

The colors of the wind

YDNM: What do you think defines a catchy song? SS: I don’t concentrate on that, but if I’m writing a song to be sung, then […]

Shaft Mistress

  YDNM: Pool is a game where you have to strike things in just the right place. How do you think you’ve been able to […]

Frank Wilczek: Physics for Poets

Frank Wilczek is a physics professor at MIT and a Nobel Laureate. He recently visited Yale to deliver two lectures: “The Origin of Mass and […]

Q & A: Marc Horowitz – The conceptualist

Marc Horowitz, a conceptual artist, is currently touring the country on his National Dinner Tour, a project he conceived in an attempt to bring communities […]

The French Ambassador

French Ambassador to the United States Jean-David Levitte spoke to the Magazine’s Carolyn Kriss about political frustrations, freedom fries and the seductive powers of Condoleezza […]

Nico Cellinese: Master of Invasion

Nico Cellinese is the curator of the new exhibit, “Landscape Under Siege: Invasive Plants of Connecticut” at the Peabody Museum. She spoke to the Magazine’s […]

Bits & Pieces: Ye Olde Love Quiz

When Yale was founded in 1701, women were not allowed to attend. What did bright young women of that period do to keep their wits […]

Burritos, Bubble Tea and Burgers

Food carts are to college kids what ice cream trucks are to kindergartners. When we were young, the tinny truck music sent us running to […]