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Yale School of Architecture appoints first female dean

Deborah Berke will succeed Robert Stern as the next dean of the School of Architecture, University President Peter Salovey announced Friday morning in a campuswide […]

UP CLOSE: Film finds its footing at Yale

After his junior year, film and media studies professor Charles Musser ’73, then an aspiring filmmaker, left Yale College.

At Home and at Peace in Japan

The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock; Japan was at peace. Thirteen American colonies declared independence; Japan was at peace. Our then-34 states turned on one another in civil war, and Japan, all 250 “states,” remained at peace.

DMCA restructuring promises new offerings amidst controversy

For the first time in its 18-year history, the Digital Media Center for the Arts is undergoing a large-scale restructuring of its leadership and function — a transition that has been met with both anticipation and condemnation.

“Lux” exhibition to light up Beinecke

A wealth of knowledge lies cloistered inside the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library’s marble walls. But for the next three nights, some of Yale’s most novel ideas will be brought to the library’s surface.

Yale hosts inaugural Student Film Festival

This weekend, Yale will screen 20 original films at its inaugural annual Student Film Festival.

West Bank conflict presented through solo dance act

Through film footage, dance performances and a human rights movement, Yale audiences were able to see through the eyes of firsthand witnesses to an ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Speaking Out

“My amazing psychologist knows that she is willfully violating your rules.” Caroline Posner ’17, buoyed by members of a nodding audience, challenged a panel of administrators, including Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway. She explained that she had long since passed the 12-session limit imposed by MH&C.

Filmmakers can choose between two majors

As underclassmen plan to declare their majors at the end of the semester, those who want to study filmmaking will have two options this year instead of one.

Upcoming film explores life after superhero’s death

When a beloved hero dies, how should one carry the torch? A new student film dares to ask this question using superheroes and latex makeup.

Film conference tackles modern media consumerism

Pornography, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” the aesthetic of Nintendo games and Sacha Baron Cohen are just a few of the topics slated for discussion in an upcoming film conference: “Eye Candy.”