Caroline Savello
‘Adam’ debate continues

The Christian awareness campaign “I Agree with Adam” ended last week, but the message — and tactics — of the participating religious groups remains a […]

‘Adam’ campaign prompts debate

Students around campus in daffodil-colored T-shirts with the slogan “I Agree with Adam” are showing their support for a statement of Christian faith made public […]

Dwight Hall posts recruiting info

While a Wednesday freshman recruiting session by Goldman Sachs at Undergraduate Career Services attracted 40 students, a similar Peace Corps panel addressed to all Yalies […]

National survey confirms student interest in religious activity

A recent rise in student religious involvement at Yale has drawn attention from many of those involved in the University’s religious community. And according to […]

Service helps poor with taxes

In a city where 36 percent of the population falls below the federal poverty line, help securing tax refunds can become an important commodity. The […]

Cancer prevention group releases report

The fight against cancer has found new assistance from a recent state plan aiming to control the disease and bridge the socioeconomic gap in prevention, […]

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Questioning their community’s hospitality toward people of various sexual orientations, some members of Yale religious groups are attempting to redefine the relationship between religious teachings […]

Bill proposes junk food ban in schools

Soda, chips and other snack foods may soon disappear from cafeterias and vending machines in Connecticut schools if a new bill to subsidize healthy food […]

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Connecticut ranks second to last in the nation in state funding to prevent tobacco usage, primarily among minors, according to a recent study by the […]

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A new study by a public education and advocacy group reported that the wealth gap between the rich and poor in Connecticut has increased more […]

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New changes to traffic signals and circulation throughout the city may help relieve traffic and pedestrian congestion endangering New Haven citizens. At a meeting at […]