Carina Del Valle Schorske
del Valle Schorske: Obama and Biggie make history

“For today, as I go groaning among the shadows, I miss, inevitably, the spectacle that is now taking shape.” —Lévi-Strauss Miss, inevitably, the spectacle? Barack […]

del Valle Schorske: Autumn’s lessons from alums

‘So, after summer, in the autumn air, comes the cold volume of forgotten ghosts, but soothingly, with pleasant instruments, so that this cold, a children’s […]

del Valle Schorske: We cry before we change

“People can cry much more easily than they can change, a rule of psychology people like me picked up as kids on the street.” –James […]

del Valle Schorske: Beyonce as a boy? It’s not too wild

“You must not know about me.” —Beyoncé, “Irreplaceable” No lie, B. I must not know about you. Every time I get to thinking you’re — […]

After guilt, atonement

“My life in art has redeemed me from a thousand deaths. Through my painting, which I have practiced diligently, I have atoned for a guilt […]

Del Valle Schorske: In search of mots perdus

“Silence, I believe, avoids me, as water on a beach avoids stranded fish.” —Franz Kafka, in a letter to fiancee Felice Bauer My beginning is […]

A poet is born even before she knows the word

“I’m really more of a song and dance man.” Bob Dylan’s sass-in-a-glass reply to the question “Do you consider yourself a poet?” still sounds fresh. […]

Poem – Buenos Aires

Winter had already come. I was reading Robert Lowell, whose ill-spirit sobbed in each blood cell. Nothing so fiercely felt, on my part. Each morning […]