Brooks Eubank
Senior Columnist: Brooks Eubank

Since I will regrettably not be writing my own “Letters From Cambridge” column next year, this will be my last piece for most of y’all. […]

The Eubank guide to student whining

So you are a Yalie reading the Yale Daily News Opinion-Editorial page and, a priori, you wish to whine. But without the proper guidance you […]

The time for man-magic rock union tolerance has now arrived

America prides itself on its inclusiveness, or so I’ve been told. Fancying themselves inclusive and tolerant gives Americans a warm, fuzzy feeling inside — and […]

Closet conservatives don’t protest, they get rich

Warning: This column may not be suitable for frothing-at-the-mouth lefties, and they should feel free and encouraged to stop reading now, put down the Yale […]

Distortion unnecessary in abortion

Distortion, evading the question and just plain stupidity are often very good ways out of a debate. If you are — or pretend to be […]