Brian Zhang
Staff Reporter
Brian Zhang covers student life for the University desk, and previously housing and homelessness for the City desk. He is a sophomore in Davenport College.
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At the New Haven Downtown Farmers’ Market, sellers emphasize “keeping it local”

YNHHS researchers find racial disparities in one mechanism of assessing organ failure

Researchers at the Yale New Haven Health System found that Black patients have higher organ failure assessment scores than white counterparts despite similar rates of […]

SOM’s asset management program begins its first year

The School of Management welcomed to campus its inaugural class of students pursuing master’s degrees in asset management.  The new program’s inaugural class contains 56 […]

Picture of the front of the school of management
Q House, a community center in Dixwell, readies for October reopen

Following a decade of public pressure to rebuild the Q House — a community center in the historically low-income Dixwell neighborhood — the Board of […]

Photo of the exterior of Q House
ZHANG:Why I will no longer pursue my favorite pastime at Yale

I walked into the Franklin dance studio on Sept. 13, my heart throbbing with excitement as I prepared to audition for Taps at Yale. Mental […]

Select Yale community members now eligible to receive Pfizer booster shot

On Sept. 27, in a university-wide email, CEO of Yale Health Paul Genecin announced that Yale community members aged 65 and older or at increased […]

Photo of the Yale Health building
Junta organization supports new services via hybrid model during pandemic

Junta for Progressive Action alters services to fit pandemic needs.

A view of Junta headquarters from the road.
ZHANG: Which way to the party dorm?

In a first year’s first few weeks, the pressure to be socially successful is tenfold. Friend groups seem to be forming faster than you can […]

Yale leads effort to explore multi-hazard climate risks in the Himalayas

Researchers at Yale have found that the rapid rate of urbanization in Nepal is a signal to government agencies to better inform people of the data surrounding the risks associated with climate change.

Photo looking up at Himalayan forest
Yale joins as research partner in $25 million Quantum Leap Challenge Institute

The University has joined in a multi-institutional project that seeks to exploit the behavior of complex quantum systems.

Second annual Elm City LIT Fest celebrates art from African Diaspora

The festival featured in-person readings, performances, speaker presentations and panel discussions that were also livestreamed on Facebook.