Undressing Maya (The Stripper)

On a Thursday night at six o’clock, the Catwalk Club is virtually empty. Four middle-aged bald men stare with thin smiles at the naked girl twirling around the pole. Maya, a 28 year-old stripper, evaluates them from her perch on a barstool. “Pervert. Pervert. Pathetic. Loser,” she says, sipping a cranberry juice and pointing. “But […]


Mayor calls for action on savings bank

In the face of fierce winds blowing outside the main office of New Haven Savings Bank yesterday, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. issued a “Call to Action” against the bank’s current conversion plan in front of about a dozen spectators and television cameras on the blustery street corner. The 165-year-old bank is currently depositor-owned, […]


Donation funds physician scholars

Johnson & Johnson is contributing to the effort to keep the globe healthy by donating $525,000 to the School of Medicine’s Physician Scholars in International Health Program this year. As a result, 83 physicians and residents were awarded Yale/Johnson & Johnson Scholar Awards, sending them to practice in needy areas around the world. The program […]


Freedom riders gather to speak about immigrant issues

Immigrants from around the globe stopped at the First and Summerfield United Methodist Church in New Haven on Monday as they continued on the ride of their lives from Boston to Washington, D.C., in pursuit of “The American Dream.” The Boston group is part of a nationwide effort called the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, or […]


Consent, RAINN urge students to ‘Get Carded’

There was more than one type of rain at work on Tuesday when RAINN — the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network — distributed 1 million pieces of sexual assault literature in the first annual “Get Carded” program. RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, teamed up with local groups such as Consent — Yale’s […]