Brian Donovan
Conservative learns how to be a liberal

Please help me. I want to be a good person; I truly, truly do. Right now I’m not. Zach Jones told me so. In Jones’ […]

Forget politics, it’s spring, we should all mellow out

Jonah Goldberg, the brilliant and hilarious editor of “National Review Online,” once wrote a spirited defense of “enlightened inactivism.” This is a policy best embodied […]

Liberal views are guilty of begging the question

What does “hetero-normative” mean? I must admit, sports fans, that phrase beats my pair of jacks. I must be one of the only ones, though […]

Reason for war is not to benefit business

So I came across an interesting article by the much-lauded novelist Arundhati Roy in last month’s The Nation. It was adapted from her speech given […]

When discussing business, a bit of consistency is needed

There’s a minor flap going on right now about CBS’s refusal to air an anti-Bush ad during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII. The ad, which […]