Brian C. Thompson
By banning exhibit, Salovey upholds Eli values

I was shocked and appalled when I opened the News yesterday. After Monday’s call for Peter Salovey to step down for his “hypocrisy,” I expected […]

Fedoras alive despite chorus of cynical madcaps

You’ve probably seen me around campus sporting my fedora or, if I’m in a particularly jovial mood, my top hat. And you’ve probably thought to […]

Pitch fewer tents on the dining-hall table

Many things bother me on a daily basis. My greatest sources of annoyance are those things which make it difficult for me to eat. I […]

Apocalypse by asteroid inevitable; cut loose

With the end of shopping period comes a redirection of our intellects to loftier pursuits. And I don’t mean politics. I literally mean the lofty […]

Facebook ‘marriage’ killed the dinosaurs

Over winter break, I got engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. It was certainly a happy and joyous occasion. Unable to contain […]

Classes v2 server is far from providing service

Last year, every time you went to the classes server, up popped a quotation: “I wish all my professors used classes v2.” But when the […]

Say ‘no’ to YES: Entrepreneurs need better support

Monday’s business page made me happy. But only for a little while. My feelings changed when I read its mention of the Yale Entrepeneurial Society […]

Gore’s global warming an ideological scapegoat

It’s mean to pick on the New Haven Register. So when I write this article, know it’s more of a shot at Al Gore. It […]

Gray squirrels went, saw, conquered England

There’s a war brewing in England, and everyone seems to be on the side of the reds. No, it (thankfully) isn’t “V for Vendetta” come […]