Bijan Aboutorabi
ABOUTORABI: Leadership without virtue

Two weeks ago, an alumnus of the Yale College Class of 2012, the field manager for his father’s congressional re-election team, was caught on film […]

ABOUTORABI: The not so liberal arts

What to think of self-styled defenders of the liberal arts who refuse to take seriously the father of Western philosophy? That is the question raised […]

ABOUTORABI: Right and wrong sexual choices

It was heartening to see Ted Lee’s ’12 column grace the op-ed page of Friday’s paper (“Love, sex and intimacy,” Sept. 22). Lee offered a […]

ABOUTORABI, ANDINO AND MARIN: Change the climate, end Sex Week

Last spring, the editors of the News wrote that “the project of reforming Yale’s sexual culture is a formidable one.” This challenge followed upon an […]

ABOUTORABI: The hubris of modernity

Whether by design or by accident, two of last Thursday’s guest columns (“Words for a new age” and “New colleges, fresh names,” Sept. 8) offered […]

Aboutorabi: Liberal feminism isn’t a given

Kathryn Olivarius’s column last Friday (“Back off, faux feminists,” Oct. 29), enthusiastically upbraided “conservative feminists” in the mold of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell. But […]

Aboutorabi: An offense to free speech

Writers from Thucydides to George Orwell have observed that, in political disputes, the meaning of words is often the first casualty. Perhaps I was wrong […]