Ben Trachtenberg
An old man speaks out to the young

Four years ago I arrived in New Haven with a spring in my step and a full beard on my face. My, how things change. […]

Senior Columnist: Ben Trachtenberg

My two most indelible Yale memories both involve Yale football — watching, not playing. Perhaps my greatest moment of triumph came at The Game in […]

Throw YCC a bone: grant them soap

My last column concerned a worldwide responsibility to battle a catastrophic disease ravaging the African continent. Today I turn my attention to a health issue […]

African AIDS presents a human rights crisis

In the 1930s and ’40s, the world’s leading nations stood idly while millions of innocent people were slaughtered by evil regimes in Europe and Asia. […]

Perils and promise of dumping the SAT I

Richard Atkinson has had enough of the SAT. And he’s doing something about it. As the president of the University of California system, Atkinson oversees […]