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40.2 percent of returning student-athletes take leaves of absence this fall

Yale students and athletes encountered a dilemma as the 2020-21 academic year approached, with no fall Ivy League competition and uncertainty about the viability of […]

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Camilla Emsbo ’23 contributing to Danish national team on leave of absence

Last summer, with the now-canceled Ivy League winter season still up in the air, Yale women’s basketball forward Camilla Emsbo ’23 was faced with two […]

What’s new about Old Campus

Old Campus, a place that is normally a cornerstone of first-year life, currently houses none of those first years. This semester, it is instead home […]

The ‘heartbeat’ of Yale football: Micah Awodiran ’22

How swimsuit material inspired the ‘holy grail’ of water filtration

Water filtration is a practice that dates back to the time of Hippocrates, and over time, researchers have worked to create more efficient and reusable […]

Designing electric race cars: a look into Bulldogs Racing

Yale’s Bulldogs Racing team designs formula-style race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competitions, creating their own electric cars nearly from scratch.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: With five taking fall leaves of absence, Bulldogs adjust to training outside New Haven

Five of the women on the roster decided to take a leave of absence this year, in the hopes that they’ll be able to return to Yale in the following years to play in competitions. Despite all of their different paths, they’ve all been preparing for their return.

Despite physical distance, Yale teams remain connected in the pandemic

In spite of the physical disadvantages COVID-19 has posed, Zoom has replaced several in-person events, allowing Bulldogs to stay connected with one another.