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NADOLSKY: Teaching accessibility

Technology in classrooms has been the focus of both the national press and recent columns in the News. These pieces generally argue that students spend […]

NADOLSKY: Beyond stagnation

While we live in a world that looks different each day, harking to the past, out of fear, will not solve the problems of tomorrow.

NADOLKSY: Correct, not political

I believe the phrase “political correctness” is a misnomer which generates mistrust. While this might not seem like a significant problem, politics is one of the most divisive subjects in the United States, and the way we define a term changes how it is perceived. If we are going to call something political, it had better be political. Otherwise, it is in our best interests to steer clear of unnecessarily biased vernacular.

NADOLSKY: Misplaced mystique

The next time you see one of your professors, ask them to lunch, ask them a question, ask them about their research or just ask how their week is going. I am sure your initiative will delight them.

NADOLSKY: The strength of solidarity

Unlike racial minorities, women or even students who have needed mental health resources, the number of students who are physically disabled doesn’t pass the threshold necessary for campus-wide outrage.

NADOLSKY: A window for change

Ward 1 — the ward which includes most Yale students — is the easiest mechanism by which we can reach out and partner with our fellow citizens to make the Elm City a better place for all of us.