Benita Singh
University must provide support to rape survivors

Two weeks ago, victims of sexual assault at Yale told their stories. As part of Take Back the Night, survivors of sexual violence congregated around […]

U.S. stakes in Iraq break internat’l law

Anti-war activists have long denounced the United States occupation of Iraq as a case in point of economic imperialism. They say that the war in […]

Gay gov’t employees lose their protection

Last month the White House removed information from government Web sites about sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace. That’s because federal employees can now be […]

Noncitizen soldier recruiting deserves our reflection

While waiting in the Guatemala City airport in January to board my flight to New York, I met Diego. It was Diego’s first time flying, […]

The Super Bowl ad that wasn’t

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. My high school history teacher has a theory on football and the American […]

No room for opposing views in State Dept. exam

Last summer I received a letter from Secretary of State Colin Powell inviting me to be “The Face of the U.S. to the World,” as […]

New bill threatens intellectual freedom in area studies

The 1996 Solomon Amendment, which denies federal funding to institutions of higher learning that refuse to allow military recruiters on campus, once seemed to be […]

University must support active citizenship

The notion that a university does not have the right to defend its constitutional freedoms by filing a lawsuit against the government is absurd, but […]

Looking for a better president? Turn on your TV

The news is in, and President Bush doesn’t read it. On national television last week, President Bush told Fox News anchorman Brit Hume, “I glance […]

If Yale wants, it could avoid ever seeing another strike

The unions tried to end the strike before it even started. As representatives of locals 34 and 35 sat down with Yale administrators in Woodbridge […]

The unions need to demand more, not less

In the past years of Yale’s strained relationship with its unions, students have been continually reminded of Yale’s tremendous wealth. The inequality is indeed staggering. […]