Ben Feit
Plenty to get juiced up for in baseball

With October somehow now six months back in our rear-view mirrors, baseball season seeped upon us Tuesday morning in Japan bearing the hopes that an […]

Spring break’s six best that you missed

Without any ado, the top six sporting events you had no time to pay attention to during spring break. Just missing the cut were that […]

Season’s end: going out with a bang

With “Sex and the City” mercifully ending its six-year stranglehold on the American female population Sunday night, I think it’s a fair time to assess […]

A Day of Love turns into day of relief for many

As fate would have it, Valentine’s Day weekend — a day on which Karl Marx once called for the jilted people of the world to […]

Lamenting foul, freezing February

Fewer than 10 days until pitchers and catchers. The fact that this number dances vividly in the heads of many a sports fan is less […]

Pats earn cheers while Sox hope

“Can you imagine if this were for the Red Sox?” Unavoidably, one of the recurring deep questions bandied about in the snuggly confines of Boston’s […]

Athletes shouldn’t drop — the ball

NCAA President Myles Brand has long advocated tying athletic scholarships to graduation rates. But this past week, the collegiate athletics governing body moved one step […]

Injuries don’t necessarily hurt a team

In 2000, Florida Marlins relief pitcher Ricky Bones played the part of bonehead when he miraculously managed to injure himself changing the channel on his […]

Ben on speed, on speed in sports, beep

Remember growing up and wondering who would win a race between Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner? It was almost sacrilegious to even think about […]

Forget BCS, Ivy League ban must go

With all the hoopla surrounding USC’s exclusion from the Sugar Bowl (meaning the No. 1 team in both “human” polls will not get a chance […]

Ivies giving ’em something to talk about

The University of Pennsylvania men’s basketball team traveled to Michigan State over the weekend to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its trip to the Final […]