Winning takes backseat in early contests

For those of you who held your breath for two weeks now waiting for installment two of my eloquent indictment of the National Basketball Association, I appreciate your loyalty and ask you to keep waiting to exhale. The Pistons and Pacers rendered anything further on the topic moot for the time. I still have theories […]

NBA is ‘pretty good,’ but season is still too long

Funny, I could have sworn I wrote a column last week bemoaning the nonsensical length of the NBA regular season. I think I said I actually like the league itself, and I’m almost positive I never turned my piece into a tract espousing the virtues of baseball as a sport over those of basketball. It […]

Yale rules, Cantabs suck, and Princeton matters

Yale students have a complex. It isn’t a clear-cut complex either. With regard to pretty much every university in the country, we adopt an unjustified sense of superiority thanks to our affiliation with the Big Y. Then Harvard comes around and we start throwing around petty insults, a posture that belies a strange inferiority complex […]

NBA regular season needs shortening

With the baseball playoffs complete, the college basketball season not quite yet in stride, football only occupying our time on the weekends (except for the inevitable Mountain West Conference games that somehow show up every night on ESPN2 due to some exclusive programming contract that ensures BYU as much late night airplay as it wants) […]

This Red Sox fan hopes bonds will outlast curse

I’ve been scared to write about the Red Sox. I can’t match the eloquence of David Halberstam, the timelessness of Roger Angell, the brilliance of Thomas Boswell. I don’t have the perspective of the longtime sufferers who sat with me every day at the breakfast table in the abyss of my youth — the feistiness […]

Against Penn, play calling lacked spark

A lot of the headlines in this paper revolve around one team or another’s Ivy League title expectations and how those hopes have either been bolstered or diminished by its most recent outing. I’d guess the actual number of those headlines is slightly fewer than the number of monuments my hometown would construct in the […]

Setting the benchmark and measuring up

At the end of the Beatles’ epic run together, they jointly acknowledged in the song “Carry That Weight” that anything they would accomplish in the future would be judged against the lofty standards they had created as a group. That’s probably one of the tougher benchmarks against which you could hold yourself to be measured, […]

Quit looking, NHL, you don’t have fans left

If a tree falls in the woods and only Rick Moranis, Dennis Leary and Goldberg the Goalie hear it, does it make a sound? The National Hockey League owners have locked out the players leaving this season and the prospective future of the organization in serious jeopardy. But the widespread uproar that accompanied Major League […]

Let’s get it started: an Eli sports wish list

If the past two years of Yale sports have seemed a bit uninspiring to you, then you might need to get your standards more in line with those of Quagmire (“I felt guilty once, but she woke up halfway through”), instead of with those of Lloyd Banks (“If I don’t hit the first night, I […]

Nomahhh is no more in Beantown

I must say it is quite an honor to be charged with writing the year’s first column, one that ranks a close second in my 2004 Yale experience to being allowed to cut the line to the keg at the BD House last week. Sadly, the as-of-yet-not-quite-underway Ivy League college sports season has given me […]

Revenge is sweet, Jim Calhoun’s rants … are not

There is a line in a classic Steve Martin Saturday Night Live sketch in which he lists his wishes for the Christmas season and realizes he has omitted something crucial: “Oh jeez!” Martin cries, “I forgot about revenge against my enemies! OK, I need revenge against all my enemies; they should die like pigs in […]