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Longtime Yale biochemist dies

Donald Crothers ’58, a biophysical chemist who served on the Yale faculty for half a century, died on Sunday, March 16 at the Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven. He was 77.

Monkeys likely less curious than humans

George may not have been so curious after all, as Yale researchers have shown that humans may be the only primates that learn for learning’s sake.

New Haven consolidates kindergarten registration

New Haven public schools have simplified their kindergarten enrollment process as part of a wider effort to make the school district more accessible to parents.

Network institute launches

People braved the icy weather to celebrate the launch of an academic experiment designed to pull together network science researchers.

Christakis talks networks

Christakis is a professor of social and natural science and co-director of the Institute for Network Science at Yale, which will hold a grand opening tomorrow.

Of mice and McDonald’s

Yale professor of neurobiology Tamas Horvath recently co-authored a paper examining the neurological link between the diet of mice during pregnancy and the tendency of […]

Altruism tainted by profit

New research from the Yale School of Management suggests that charitable giving may harm a company’s image.

Study finds children desire inequality

Young children will pay a price to be better off relative to others, according to new research by Yale psychologists published in the February 2014 […]