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HALPERN: Cultivating kindness

The summer before my first year at Yale, an older friend gave me a piece of advice: “The hardest religious challenge of college isn’t wanting […]

HALPERN: Transitory transcendence

One of the hallmarks of the college experience is its liminal nature. College is fraught with unknowns, but it is certain that we will one […]

HALPERN: Stop dele-guy-ting

Like many Yale students, I lead a busy life. My time is full of homework, emails and meetings. But the homework, emails and meetings I […]

For God, for Community, and for Yale

What is it about Yale that draws people to religion? A survey of the class of 2019, conducted in the fall of its first year, […]

HALPERN: Obligation and resistance

Every morning, I wrap myself in my prayer shawl, arrange my tefillin on my arm and my head and repeat the same words I’ve said […]

HALPERN: Anti-Semitism is alive and well

President Donald Trump’s candidacy and election has empowered anti-Semites and anti-Semitic discourse. Although there has yet to be substantial physical violence as a result, the point holds: anti-Semitism is on the rise across America.

A Year in Canons

Two days before I started my freshman year, I joined the international Jewish project of daf yomi, the daily study of a page of Talmud […]

HALPERN: God and woman at Yale

It is an aching paradox that the place most affirms of my personhood — a place of prayer — is also where I am most regularly rendered invisible and secondary

HALPERN: Call it Christmas

Once a year, my family hauls up huge plastic bins of decorations from the basement.

Shabbat at Yale

I missed my Freshman Assembly. I spent the first Saturday morning of my time at Yale in a small chapel instead, praying; rather than the splendor […]