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First years believe Yale can handle COVID-19, according to survey

ANALYSIS: A shifting demographic for storied Yale crew: International athletes elevate the Elis

Research finds that psychedelics make you happier

A recent study conducted by Yale psychologists found that psychedelic drugs can lead to happier moods and feelings of connectedness to others. Through field studies […]

Worth It: New Haven Late-Night Edition

With midterm season in full swing and finals season starting to rear its ugly head, I’ve been spending an ungodly amount of money on late-night […]

Yale scientists curb malaria infection in mosquitoes

A new study led by Yale researchers discovered a prevention method for malaria infection in mosquitoes that stops infection in mosquitoes and thus prevents the […]

Restaurant Week returns to New Haven

Over 30 fine-dining restaurants participated in the biannual New Haven Restaurant Week this past week. The event, which ran from Nov. 3 to Nov. 8, […]

Move aside, pig brains, here come human brain organoids

Amid a great deal of buzz in the neuroscience world surrounding cell revival in dead pig brains at Yale, a new brain study from the […]

What Are You Laughing At?

Rarely do I see a film and think, “This should never have been released.” Walking into New Haven’s trusty Bowtie Criterion Cinemas — objectively the […]

More than just a puff? What teens don’t understand about Juuls

As politicians around the country call for bans on flavored e-cigarettes, a recent Yale study found that most adolescents do not understand caution labels on […]

Those with autistic traits may make good social psychologists

A recent Yale study found that individuals with autism spectrum disorder traits are as good or even slightly better social psychologists than those who do […]