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RAVIN & GUNASEKERA: Borderline gatekeeping

The United States, like many Western nations, continues to be a beacon of hope. People grow up dreaming of coming here, looking for the chance […]

RAVIN: Demon drugs

The fatal drug overdose rate in the United States has more than tripled in the past 20 years. In 1999, the death rate from drug […]

RAVIN: I hate The Great Gatsby

Across the country, students are being brainwashed. The boomers blame social media, and they may be right. But there’s another kind of indoctrination that grinds […]

RAVIN: Defend the police. Not their unions, though.

Don’t defund the police. I’m not an apologist for police brutality. It’s revolting. Tamir Rice was born the same year I was, yet his life […]