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A programming parity

Klaire Tan ’19 always knew she needed to know how to code. Originally from Silicon Valley, Tan grew up surrounded by technology, but had never taken a computer science class until coming to Yale.

Food For Thought

“First question — who’s hungry?” This is Anne Gallagher’s opening line as she addresses the small group huddled before her around a kitchen table. Clad […]

Kaifeng Wu
Monkeys, like humans, motivated by spite

Humans might not be the only primates motivated by spite, according to recent research at Yale. The study, published in Evolution and Human Behavior, looks […]

Study finds age stereotypes an indicator for Alzheimer’s

A new Yale study suggests that negative perceptions of the elderly may be more harmful than some expected. Researchers at Yale, along with a team […]

Study questions preventative qualities of syringe

Recent research from the Yale School of Public Health indicates that a widely accepted strategy to decrease the transmission of the hepatitis C virus through […]

The road from Griswold

On one Thursday night last month, the Long Wharf Theatre was packed. The occasion: to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, a landmark […]

Making the Barista Think Twice

I hate ordering at coffee shops. The interaction follows the same script every time:

Zishi Li
One year in, medical marijuana seeks broader appeal

Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program, operated by the Department of Consumer Protection, is one of 23 such programs in the nation.

Survey probes community health in New Haven

On Monday, a team of 20 New Haven residents armed with tablets and surveys walked down local streets and started knocking on doors, beginning an effort to assemble a snapshot of the health and wellbeing of New Haven residents.

City bans tobacco use in areas frequented by youth

The New Haven Board of Alders passed a new ban on tobacco use in many public areas to mitigate the health risks of tobacco products, specifically for children.

UP CLOSE: Frugal or faulty? The cost of mental health in Connecticut

The theme for the day was health, and the budgets of the Department of Public Health, the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services were the topics of discussion. In short, they were being slashed.