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An Ode to Edgewood

“Pass it over,” I say, before snatching the sunglasses off of Sharon’s face. She rolls her eyes jokingly before jumping onto Dilge’s bed. White chunky […]

Solace in the Sun

“What the fuck are perfect places, anyway?” Lorde asks in the last line of “Perfect Places,” the final song on her 2017 album “Melodrama.” Despite […]

Redefining Normal Post Pandemic

Senior year in my biochemistry class, my friend passed me a piece of paper where she had drawn out all the organelles in the cell. […]

What We Owe To Our Friends

Warming weather and the flurry of pollen spiraling through the air are the clearest indicators that spring has arrived. Sunsets at 7 p.m., whistles of birds […]

KAPHLE: Experience required, entry level job

The basis for a liberal arts education is the idea that creative and new ideas often come about from intersections. For instance, combining a study […]

Halloween 2010

Early June in 2019, I found myself outside my old elementary school. I was walking to my teacher’s house for an extracurricular meeting with a […]

Yale School of Public Health offers new climate change and health concentration

Students in the Masters of Public Health program can now participate in the School of Public Health’s new Climate Change and Health Concentration.  The concentration […]

Please Do Not Touch the Art (or Each Other)

My friend and I entered the atrium of the Yale University Art Gallery and found ourselves surrounded by the numerous sculptures and statues. The light […]