Anthony LeCounte
Chituc and LeCounte: Peace: a secular goal

How are we to live peacefully among one another? There are many ways to approach the problems of war, exploitation, famine, terrorism and the rest, […]

LeCounte: A different value in diversity

At times, I’ve been known to laugh at a well-delivered racist joke. The sheer amount of joy one can derive from the multifaceted hilarity that […]

Lecounte: Make the Democrats fight

Three salient phenomena emerged from a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee a few weeks ago: A bill to reform health care was approved (it […]

LeCounte: Candidates should respect citizens

In his recent column (“Enough Disrespect,” 10/28), Adam Hirst denounced Yalies for our contemptuous rejection of the masses and their opinions and views. I would […]

LeCounte: Equality is measured by rights

In his recent article (“Better Arguments Needed”), Michael Wayne Harris challenges the notion that argument over marriage equality is sufficiently persuasive to advocate marriage rights […]

Call Shvarts’ project ‘abhorrent,’ but don’t silence it

I have a simple question for all those who decry Aliza Shvarts’ upcoming exhibit as a mockery of art (or something to that effect): What […]