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Perfect Crystals in an Icy Haze

As a child of the Sonoran Desert, I grew up cherishing snow. It would only come once every few years, and it was an event. Not in the social sense — we didn’t get snow days at the first sign of frozen precipitation, which often seems to be a stereotype of the southern states. In Tucson, Arizona, I never got a snow day. I did, occasionally, get snow.

Blurbs: WKND’s Favorite Childhood Books

When I was four years old, I memorized Ludwig Bemelmans’ “Madeline.” I could recite it cover-to-cover, and I did, for any adult who would listen. […]

Grayscale Addiction

My phone is in black and white — “grayscale,” as it’s officially known. I set the color filter of my screen this way almost nine […]

Blurbs: New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution type of gal. It’s just not for me — picking some aspect of my life that I want […]

Kinship at Yale: Fictive, Not Fictional

I’m taking Introduction to Cultural Anthropology with professor Louisa Lombard this semester — highly recommended! — and recently in this course, we learned about kinship. […]

Must be Love on the Page

Romantic love is beautiful… exciting… spicy, if you will — so much so that it’s been the subject of countless novels and has made romance […]

The Strongest Shape: 60 Seconds on the Triangle

On Friday Dec. 3, 2021, I became a musician.  It all began Nov. 3, when Thomas C. Duffy, Yale professor of music and director of […]

An Ivy Exchange

Imagine trading places with a Harvard student. And no, not like “Freaky Friday.” I’m talking about an exchange program — one where students in the […]

It is the Book, and Juliet is the Kindle

Three years ago I won a Kindle in a raffle, and I was disappointed. I’d vaguely hoped to win a gift card, but then my […]

Chaos on a Checkered Board

My plethora of Pinterest boards may give some indication that I’m a fan of aesthetics. Rainy days, gothic architecture, dark academia — all of which […]

What’s up with Yale Siblings?

You’ve met the dads, you’ve met the moms. Now it’s time to introduce: The Yale siblings.   Ben Hopkinson Ben Hopkinson Zooms in from his […]