Annie Sidransky
Staff Reporter
Annie Sidransky serves as a staff reporter for WKND. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, she is a Davenport College junior majoring in English.
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Blurbs: New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been a New Year’s Resolution type of gal. It’s just not for me — picking some aspect of my life that I want […]

Kinship at Yale: Fictive, Not Fictional

I’m taking Introduction to Cultural Anthropology with professor Louisa Lombard this semester — highly recommended! — and recently in this course, we learned about kinship. […]

Must be Love on the Page

Romantic love is beautiful… exciting… spicy, if you will — so much so that it’s been the subject of countless novels and has made romance […]

The Strongest Shape: 60 Seconds on the Triangle

On Friday Dec. 3, 2021, I became a musician.  It all began Nov. 3, when Thomas C. Duffy, Yale professor of music and director of […]

An Ivy Exchange

Imagine trading places with a Harvard student. And no, not like “Freaky Friday.” I’m talking about an exchange program — one where students in the […]

It is the Book, and Juliet is the Kindle

Three years ago I won a Kindle in a raffle, and I was disappointed. I’d vaguely hoped to win a gift card, but then my […]

Chaos on a Checkered Board

My plethora of Pinterest boards may give some indication that I’m a fan of aesthetics. Rainy days, gothic architecture, dark academia — all of which […]

What’s up with Yale Siblings?

You’ve met the dads, you’ve met the moms. Now it’s time to introduce: The Yale siblings.   Ben Hopkinson Ben Hopkinson Zooms in from his […]

What Are Yale Moms Up To?

You’ve met the dads — now it’s time to meet the moms. The News talked to four Yale Moms and gleaned a glimpse into the […]

Does Anyone Even Know What Yale Dads Do?

Dads can be quite the enigmas. Sure, they may go to work, but what do they really do all day? Many kids find themselves mystified […]

Harkness in the Darkness

The first weekend we were allowed out of our residential colleges this past fall — after the initial 14-day quarantine — I took a photo […]