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LEINBACH: Let us test your drugs

Last year at Wesleyan’s Spring Fling, 12 students consumed a substance they thought was MDMA. It actually contained AB-Fubinaca — an MDMA analogue far more dangerous than the substance it’s designed to replace. The 12 students were severely affected, and three ended up hospitalized in comas, narrowly escaping death.

My Son is in a Cage

During my sophomore year, one of my best friends was charged with 22 years in prison for a nonviolent LSD offense. After that, I began […]

LEINBACH: Putting health first

Every weekend, scores of Yale students stumble through the streets, intoxicated with what scientists have deemed one of the world’s most harmful drugs: alcohol. Most of them return home with little worse than a hangover the next day. However, we’ve all known (or been) someone who has had too much to drink: to put it plainly, overdosed on alcohol. And thanks to Yale’s new alcohol amnesty policy, implemented last year, we know that if a friend passes out or starts vomiting uncontrollably as a result of alcohol poisoning, we can call for help without fear of disciplinary penalties.


  Last March, I went to Iceland with a group of other Yale students to learn about its sustainable energy program. While we traveled around […]

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