Anna Robinson-Sweet
Robinson-Sweet: Divest from HEI now

Two and a half years ago Jose Landino, an employee of the Long Beach Hilton, came to Yale and spoke to an audience of over […]

Herring, Robinson-Sweet and Studebaker: Irresponsible investing

Last year, members of the Undergraduate Organizing Committee met several times with the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) both in public and private to […]

Herring, Ortiz, Robinson-Sweet and Studebaker: Yale’s questionable past

“My creed on the subject of slavery is short. Slavery per se is not sin. It is a social condition ordained from the beginning of […]

Ward 1 Democratic Committee Endorsement Vote Board: Before the next election

As we reflect on the meaning of this historic week in our nation’s history, we may look forward to another swearing-in ceremony, one year from […]