Anna Grasza
Elis weigh pros and cons of absentee voting

As elections approach, many students are starting to decide how they will vote — for which candidates and in which state. Since the huge majority […]

Nonprofit gift to subsidize nursing school tuition

The Yale School of Nursing announced over the weekend that it has received a multi-million-dollar grant from a local nonprofit to provide increased financial aid […]

Univ. pregames flu season with shots aplenty

If all the coughing, sniffling students on campus are any indication, flu season has descended upon Yale. And, as it does every year, the University […]

Artspace gallery hosts 20-day show

Over 500 local artists with ample space and unlimited creativity could wind up producing anything, from twisted metal chairs to art-themed trading cards. City Wide […]

Popular sushi fish at risk of overfishing

Despite the going rate of over $40,000 per fish, the Atlantic bluefin tuna — one the most highly evolved fish species — is in immediate […]

Prof seeks to reconcile science, faith

A “worship team” sang praises of the Lord, while professor Fred Sigworth prepared do his best to reconcile the demands of faith and the demands […]