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Shots Fired

I could not have been more excited to come to Yale my freshman year, but then my friend told me something that made me nervous. […]

Korean WWII survivor recounts human rights abuses

Hundreds filed into the Yale Law School auditorium Monday evening to hear the harrowing testimony of a World War II survivor of wartime internment and sexual slavery.

AIDS Project New Haven hosts PrEP event

On a rainy Thursday afternoon, a group of 40 gathered at the Criterion Cinemas to learn more about pre-exposure prophylaxis — the new HIV-prevention medication physicians and public-health workers are promoting in Connecticut.

Alders hold annual talent show fundraiser

What began as a fundraiser to promote art education in the city turned into an impromptu dance party Wednesday night, with high school cheerleaders, city aldermen and elderly couples shimmying together at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School — just two blocks from Old Campus.


If we all took antidepressants, Chekhov would have had nothing to write about. And without Chekhov, we would not have the luxury of enjoying the hilarious comedy “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.”

Protein found crucial in vertebrae formation

In an effort to better understand scoliosis and other vertebrae defects, Yale researchers have examined links between the saw-tooth pattern of a protein and correct spinal formation in zebrafish embryos.

Surviving Disease Related Illness

That’s right: It’s flu season.

Eurotrip at the YUAG

Shopping period can be a time of great frustration, stress and disappointment. Your professor tells you that the section is full. You have a pset, […]

Don’t go to Soads, go to Yaledancers

Instead of getting down at Woad’s this week, I decided to find out where the Yalies who actually can dance hang out. Little did I […]