Andrew Mangino
Law student found dead

See a slideshow commemoration of Joey Hanzich’s life. Joseph “Joey” Hanzich LAW ’10, a natural leader with a passion for public policy, was found dead […]

Joey Hanzich LAW ’10 found dead in apartment Thursday

(See a slideshow commemoration of Joey Hanzich’s life.) Joseph “Joey” Hanzich LAW ’10 was found dead in his apartment Thursday, apparently from natural causes. In […]

Law student found dead in apartment

A first-year Yale Law School student was found dead in his apartment Thursday night. “From what we know at this point, we only have reason […]

Ward 2 alderwoman reflects on tenure

As the rain poured down on Ward 2 this past Tuesday, Joyce Chen ’01 wandered her neighborhood’s streets, from Edgewood and Elm to Orchard and […]

Morehead, Calder win

By a razor-thin margin in Ward 2 and a lopsided count in Ward 22, both mayor-backed candidates running for aldermanic office prevailed in Tuesday night’s […]

Calder, Morehead win in aldermanic primaries

With the absentee votes still uncounted in the hotly contested Ward 2 aldermanic race, Gina Calder ’03 EPH ’08 is leading Trumbull diníng hall chef […]

Dems object to choice of Sept. 11 memorial speaker

The choice of history professor Donald Kagan to give the keynote address at today’s Sept. 11 memorial service provoked the Yale College Democrats to withdraw […]

Candidates make final push on eve of election

At 7 p.m. Monday night, one candidate was curled up on her couch eating ice cream, another was already too tired to remain standing and […]

Profs donate heavily to Dems

When it comes to the “money primary,” Yale employees favor Democratic presidential candidates over their Republican rivals — by a margin of 45 to one. […]

Univ. chef heats up local election

Frank Douglass Jr. admits his omelettes aren’t “pretty looking.” But man, are they delicious. A well-done omelette with a hint of extra spice. A Ward […]

Peru talks to enter key phase

Yale and Peru are closer than ever to resolving their long-standing dispute over artifacts from Machu Picchu, and a delegation from Peru will be arriving […]