Andrew Lipka
Staff Columnist
Andrew Lipka ('78) registered as a petition candidate for alumni fellow for the 2022 election. He is an associate fellow of Jonathan Edwards College, alumni lead of the Yale for Life program (2013-2019), a board member of Yale Alumni College and founder and director of its Princeton campus. Contact him through or at
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AMAR & LIPKA: Towards a New Yale

George Pierson ’26 GRD ’36 famously termed Yale “at once a tradition, a company of scholars, a society of friends.” Today, that society numbers just under 200,000 strong. Nearly 90 percent of those are Yale alumni. Indeed, virtually every student at Yale today — undergraduate, graduate, professional — is or will soon be a Yale alum. Despite this, the pages of the “Yale paper of record,” the Yale Daily News, see little discussion of and virtually no authorship by alumni. We are here to do something about that. We hope to provoke discussion and rethinking, with a goal of making a new Yale — where alumni are not sullen, not mutinous, but where they are at home. Join us.

LIPKA: Yale’s DisTrustees

Imagine an election where only incumbents or their hand-picked designates can run, where every candidate is gagged, where all legitimate policy debate is off-limits. Absurd? […]

LIPKA: Alumni agonistes and the election

The election of the alumni fellow to the Yale Corporation is upon us. A strange “gag order” imposed on candidates “nominated” by the Yale Alumni […]