Andrew Dervan
AIDS center expands its reach to work overseas

Facing the ever-growing AIDS pandemic, Yale set out five years ago to create a center to coordinate and facilitate HIV research at home and abroad. […]

Popular alcoholism drug a failure, Yale study says

Last month, psychiatry professor John Krystal set out to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of naltrexone, a well-known treatment drug for alcoholism. But to his amazement, he […]

Faculty of Engineering commits to strong future

With its 150th birthday just a year away, the Yale Faculty of Engineering is hoping to begin a new era of success and stability and […]

Doctors study strange illness

If a patient entered the Yale-New Haven Hospital emergency room with symptoms of acute diarrheal illness, odds were that doctors would not be able to […]

Surgeon confronts death in patients and in prose

Sherwin Nuland has lived in the presence of death all his life. It is only in his recent years that he has begun to write […]

Transfusions for anemia patients may save lives

Blood transfusions for anemic elderly heart attack victims can save lives, a Yale study has found. Dr. Harlan Krumholz, an associate professor at the Yale […]

Biotech fair touts local jobs

The Omni hotel was host to a dozen local biotechnology companies Wednesday for a BioScience career fair that drew applicants from all across Connecticut and […]

Biotechnology experts discuss terrorism at panel

Anthrax attacks have made headlines across America in the past weeks, but bioterrorism experts at a Tuesday panel said that it is more dangerous to […]

Can Yale help end the AIDS plague?

Every scientist’s dream, says researcher Dr. John Rose, is to do something that is really relevant to human health. But even when you are trying […]

Columbia may offer top job to U. Michigan chief

University of Michigan President Lee Bollinger may be offered the top spot at Columbia University in the next few days, the Columbia Daily Spectator said […]

Bennett Fisher ’66

A month and a half ago, Bennett Fisher ’66 and 1,000 other Americans travelled to Cowes, England, to participate in a regatta celebrating the 150th […]