Bartholomew: Yale torn between two lovers

Hey Princeton, we need to talk. It’s just, well, it’s not that the occasional fling hasn’t been fun. Really, what we have between us is great. There’s mutual interest and attraction, even if it’s a bit one-sided. We love being able to call you up every couple years for a gridiron tryst at our place. […]

Bartholomew: It’s time for change

Enough is enough. Saturday’s fourth-quarter meltdown against Penn underscored the shortcomings that have held back Yale football for years. It’s time to try something new. It’s time to try something other than incomprehensible second-half fake punts in our own territory (with a lead, no less). It’s time to try something other than a game plan […]

Yale crew stays in the race for dominance

A single sculler, midstroke, perches atop the copper weather vane above Ray Tompkins House, the Athletic Department’s administrative building. Rowers’ profiles hunch in the entrances of several residential colleges. And each year, Yale boats take to the water towing the legacy of the country’s oldest collegiate athletic team. The University may revere its oarsmen, but […]

Eli coaches play a different ballgame

There is no tenure track in the Department of Athletics. And so head football coach Jack Siedlecki will take the sidelines on Saturday, his Elis opening their most anticipated season in years against a historically dismal Georgetown squad, under the weekly scrutiny that haunts his job like a specter. Siedlecki has long been students’ and […]

Student vets await summons to duty

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. When a FedEx envelope marked with United States Marine Corps letterhead arrived at his apartment last month, Brandon Linton SOM ’07 knew exactly what it would contain. Linton, a Marine who served for four years before matriculating at the School of Management in […]


Computer files not so secret

Like approximately 50 other Yalies every month, Rosa Ayala ’09 got busted. The Record Industry Association of America spotted an illegal file on her computer and contacted ITS with her IP address in an attempt to curb the spread of illegally downloaded music. ITS then matched the song to Ayala’s computer, informed her of the […]


Colleges plan series of conferences

The leaders of 10 top international research universities — including Yale — met in Australia last week and agreed to hold a series of conferences on topics ranging from sustainability to the role of women in academia. The 10 schools comprise the International Alliance of Research Universities, founded in January 2006 to promote collaboration and […]


Seminar scripts TV series

Suzanne O’Malley knows how to keep an audience tuned in. So when over 50 students attended the first meeting of her Calhoun College seminar, “Writing Hour-Long Television Drama,” she made an offer that she was sure would hold everyone’s attention. “She told us she was thinking about creating a new television series, and that all […]


Affirmative action bans may boost Yale’s diversity

Yale’s efforts to increase racial and socioeconomic diversity in the student body may get a small boost from an unusual source: voters in California, Michigan and, in 2008, potentially a handful of other states. States that have enacted constitutional amendments banning the use of racial preferences in public college admissions have seen acceptance rates for […]


Fewer faculty advise government

What was historically an ongoing, discreet discourse between federal officials and academics has slowed under recent administrations, and it may take a presidential turnover and the passage of time to reinvigorate those ties. The decrease in communication, which has been noticeable for the last 40 years and continues to persist today, is due to a […]


Prof. debunks Douglass myth

A granite quilt, a small plaque and one woman’s story have suddenly come under fire in New York City, thanks in part to Yale Civil War historian David Blight. After hearing of the city of New York’s plans to construct the $15 million Frederick Douglass Circle in the northwest corner of Central Park, Blight voiced […]