Andrew Allison
No good reason why we guys and gals can’t live together

I love my roommate. He gave me the back room of our walk-through double this year. He always dispenses good advice. He taught me to […]

YCC addresses student issues

If the phrase “student government” makes you think of weekly bake sales and fruitless issue advocacy, the Yale College Council will change your mind. Recognized […]

YCC presidential candidate: Andrew Allison

This year, the Yale College Council gave us a peek into the enormous potential it has to affect change and improve students’ experiences. It passed […]

Yale deserves praise for aid policy change

The Yale administration routinely incurs criticism for failing to assume a leadership role among prestigious universities. On issues ranging from student loans to environmental policy, […]

Candidate statement: Andrew Allison

In my year of service with the Yale College Council, I have learned it has the capability to positively affect all of our college experiences. […]