Jon Andre Sabio Parrilla
Staff Reporter
Jon Andre Sabio Parrilla covers science and social justice. He is a first year MPH student in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
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Anti-Asian hate crimes are a “racist crisis”

The mistreatment of Asian Americans in society is a broader reflection of the inequitable treatment Asian Americans experience in the healthcare system.

Yale physicians take part in OpEd Project

The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship provides underrepresented thought leaders the opportunity and tools necessary to share their ideas and shape conversations in their respective fields.

Yale researchers develop a “new paradigm to target cancer”

Yale researchers develop a novel platform to fight drug-resistant, genetically amplified cancers such as breast and ovarian cancers.

Yale study finds most SARS-CoV-2 variants neutralized by mRNA vaccines

Yale scientists published a novel study demonstrating that messenger RNA vaccines, such as Pfizer’s and Moderna’s, cultivate a vigorous immune response to most variants of […]