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Yale Center Beijing finishes first year

Inaugurated in October 2014 by University President Peter Salovey, Yale Center Beijing — the University’s physical mainstay in China — has now been in full operation for a year.

CS50: Yale’s most popular course

With 510 students enrolled, representing almost 10 percent of all Yale undergraduates, Computer Science 100, “Introduction to Computing and Programming,” — commonly known as CS50 — is the most popular course in Yale College.

Gag order lifted for Internet entrepreneur

Eleven years after receiving an FBI request for his private customer information, Internet entrepreneur Nicholas Merrill may now be able to speak openly about the national security letter sent to him by the bureau in 2004.

Symposium encourages undergrad research

On Monday, the Yale Undergraduate Research Association hosted Yale’s first undergraduate research symposium — an all-day event that gave almost 50 student researchers the opportunity to showcase their findings.

Anaya Sushi expands menu, plans to open late night ramen house

Since expanding its all-you-can-eat menu last week, new Chapel Street restaurant Anaya Sushi has experienced a surge of customers.

Q&A: Ethical persuasion of patients

The News spoke with Oleksandr Dubov to hear his thoughts on standard practice of decision-making in critical care, the power of framing information and how doctors should responsibly use that power.

TEDxYale draws hundreds to daylong conference

Hundreds crowded into the Shubert Theatre Saturday to hear the life stories and professional experiences of a mountain climber, a former advisor to Hillary Clinton LAW ’73, a jazz musician and others.

Murphy criticizes U.S. response in the Middle East

The deployment of United States ground troops in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East is wrong, Sen. Chris Murphy said in a talk Friday afternoon.

Silliman makes the Final Cut

Over 1,000 students gathered in Commons Dining Hall Tuesday evening for the annual Final Cut competition.

ITS prepares students for phishing attacks

Facing an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape, Yale’s Information Technology Services debuted an interactive e-learning training module to the Yale community last week in order to raise awareness on the dangers of phishing.

YPU panel discusses more diverse, nuanced views on Charlie Hebdo

“Compared to Charlie Hebdo, I much prefer Charlie Chaplin, who never mocked the poor, the suffering and the suppressed,” professor of Hebrew language and literature Hannan Hever said Thursday evening.