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Researchers uncover the Tully Monster

A new Yale study has shed light on the ancestors of the modern lamprey, a vertebrate belonging to the family of jawless fish with toothed, sucking mouths.

SubLite aims to centralize summer resources

The Office of Career Strategy recently released data indicating that 94.5 percent of students who responded to the OCS Summer 2015 Activities survey participated in a summer internship that lasted for at least one month. Many of those students used OCS’s Symplicity website to secure the internships, and many used resources including Craigslist and the Facebook page “Yale Summer Housing” to find places to live over the summer. But according to Yuanling Yuan ’16, these decentralized efforts to secure summer jobs and summer housing are “really inefficient.”

Startup hopes to catch on at Yale

For the average Yale student, the spring semester marks the height of the job search. This process includes interviews for professional schools, internships and postgraduation positions.