Anabel Moore
Staff Columnist
Anabel Moore edits for the WKND desk. She previously wrote for the WKND, Magazine and Arts desks as a staff writer. Originally from the greater Seattle, WA area, she is a junior in Branford College double-majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and the History of Art with a certificate in Global Health.
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Tuff Luck and a Toyota

The Toyota Hilux is marketed — at least in England and other left-hand-drive countries — as “the world’s toughest pickup.” There’s a lot to unpack […]


Monday morning: chemistry lecture, biology quiz, chemistry lab. Monday evening: lab reports, adaptive quizzes, readings for seminar the next day. Next, next, next, tasks checked […]

WKND’s Guilty Pleasures

Mahesh Agarwal: Last week, I was enjoying a thick dollop of yogurt when I heard laughter, followed by murmurs: “Fascinating. I’ve never seen someone eat […]

INSIGHT: Welcome To The Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse has its origins in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, “Snow Crash,” a dystopian vision of the 21st century which depicts a […]

Jessai Flores
The Fallout of “The Fallout”

When “The Fallout” first entered American cultural consciousness, Variety described the film as “tak[ing] the pulse of a shell-shocked generation.” A new release on HBO […]

“In these people, I have everything I need:” a cheers to the friends of now

What does care look like?  This battered camel cover protects blue scrawls, and my book bag protects my beloved journal. I carry this soft notebook […]

What The Sex Lives of College Girls Gets Right — And Wrong

Just when you were reflecting on your first ever semester at college — the classes, the people and the terrible decisions that keep you up […]

How are wknders responding to their Spotify Wrapped?

No. 1 Song:  “Add It Up” – Nbhd Nick.  “Spotify says my Audio Aura is wistful and confident. Wistful and confident?  “I’m not entirely sure […]

“Iel” at Yale: A new French pronoun slowly appears

The nonbinary “iel” entered the “Le Petit Robert” dictionary, generating backlash in France and a few discussions in Yale classrooms.

Yale Health Horror Stories

As spooky season falls upon us, WKND asked readers to share their spookiest personal stories… their experiences with Yale Health. Iris Tsouris: The greatest threat […]

ANAAY organizes weeklong Indigenous Peoples Day celebration

In the days following Indigenous Peoples Day, students at Yale and beyond convened in multiple events to discuss Indigenous experiences and share in art and […]