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The Pop Purist

This month, Lila Drew’s music is featured on Spotify’s “late night vibes” and “night pop” playlists. Indeed, listening to her music feels like stepping into […]

On Annette

After 38 years with Yale Hospitality, Annette Tracey has come to be known as the “Queen of Berkeley” and the “Belle of Berkeley” to students […]

Final Stroke of Fading Jewels

Black photo albums, treasure troves of almost 70 years of my nuclear family’s personal histories, are stacked in a cupboard in my living room. Each […]

Blurbs: WKNDers’ summer travel horror stories

I am used to Americans nagging and pushing me at JFK airport, but I was hopeful on my flight to Miami this year. I was […]

Farewell to the Genie’s Lamp

In May, I wished for an emergency exit from my own life, some way to flee a body wracked by COVID-19, the flu and stress. […]

Filling the First-Year Void

The architecture of the 1928 wing of the Old Yale Art Gallery at the corner of Chapel and High Street is stunning: huge, arched windows […]

What I Was Doing When I Opened My Yale Acceptance Letter?

Anastasia Ibrahim: Two days before my acceptance letter came out, my mom knocked lightly on my door and kneeled at my bedside with the most […]

Tuff Luck and a Toyota

The Toyota Hilux is marketed — at least in England and other left-hand-drive countries — as “the world’s toughest pickup.” There’s a lot to unpack […]


Monday morning: chemistry lecture, biology quiz, chemistry lab. Monday evening: lab reports, adaptive quizzes, readings for seminar the next day. Next, next, next, tasks checked […]

WKND’s Guilty Pleasures

Mahesh Agarwal: Last week, I was enjoying a thick dollop of yogurt when I heard laughter, followed by murmurs: “Fascinating. I’ve never seen someone eat […]

INSIGHT: Welcome To The Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse has its origins in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, “Snow Crash,” a dystopian vision of the 21st century which depicts a […]

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