Amelia Earnest
Sick Humor

Like many wars, Lacey’s began with a single shot. In Atlanta, Georgia, in October 2009, Lacey Brady hopped onto her doctor’s exam table to receive […]

The F-Word

Growing up in rural Virginia, I didn’t think much about feminism. To me, feminists were plump women with coiffed hair and suffragette sashes, women from […]

American Bodies

Nadia Ali had never left Baghdad. But in 2005, as she watched the city skyline fade into the distance, she knew that she would never […]

EARNEST: Oatmeal and Monophobia

I remember my first encounter with the phenomenon of the solo-eater predator. It was October. With the poor foresight of a freshman still accustomed to […]

“Dr. Faustus” director discusses Gertrude Stein, identity crises

On Tuesday, Gertrude Stein’s 1938 play “Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights” opened at the Iseman Theater. Based on the German myth of a man named […]

Discrimination lingers in post-9/11 era

A decade after the Sept. 11 attacks, Yale students are still discussing their effect on the way minorities are perceived in the United States. The […]

Environmentalism rally held on Green

“Fossils are friends — not fuel,” read one of dozens of cardboard signs that Yale and Wesleyan students toted across the New Haven Green on […]