Amelia Dilworth
Guest Columnist
Amelia Dilworth is a sophomore in Branford College.
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DILWORTH: Let’s not grab a meal

I say it multiple times a day and almost always mean it. But there’s something about cheerily promising “let’s grab a meal sometime!” that leaves […]

Christian worship event Rekindle brings together local and international attendees

Around 1000 attendees gathered on the New Haven Green on Apr. 19 for Rekindle, a worship event organized by Yale students in collaboration with Times Square Church.

Campus Christian fellowships celebrate Easter with interministry worship night

Over 120 students and community members gathered in Battell Chapel on the evening of Easter Sunday for a night of worship.

An Ode to Finals Season

I love finals season.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m stressed and tired. I should be rehearsing a presentation about Universal Childcare, writing a movie […]

Shreeya Singh ‘22: The Distance to Make A Difference

“It’s still strange to hear someone else say it. I’m waiting for someone to tell me I got pranked,” Shreeya Singh (TD ‘22) said, reflecting […]

Christian student groups gather for Interministry Worship Night

Seven Christian groups at Yale came together Sunday for the first interministry worship session in recent memory.

Old Campus Ghost Museum

Old Campus is heavy with the weight of centuries of Yale. Since the University first laid claim to the ground of New Haven, buildings have […]

DILWORTH: What we didn’t learn

I’m almost 20, and I’ve gone to “real” school for about five years.  I was homeschooled until the ninth grade. I was a first-year at […]